Your project or planning application may call for a specific survey. And that’s where our experienced team of expert surveyors have got you covered!

Feature and Level Surveys
These surveys are used to gather information about your site prior to planning your project. It depicts the fall of the land, the location of features such as houses, utility connections, driveways, fences, neighbouring property information, trees and the orientation of the block.

You would need a feature and level survey if you are in the process of obtaining a building permit for your new house, extension, pool or subdivision.

Level Surveys can also be used to compute cut & fill designs for building pads, overshadowing plans and FFL designs. We are also experts in creating detailed contour maps which can be used to create volume calculations for earthworks & quarrying projects.

AHD Surveys
If your project is in a flood-prone area, your planning permit could require your Feature Survey to be carried out to Australian Height Datum (AHD).

AHD surveys link your level and feature survey into the Australian Height Datum which indicates the precise height of your project in relation to sea level. It is used for planning in regards to drainage and any potential height constraints.

Re establishment surveys
If you don’t have title pegs present on your property, you may also require a re-establishment survey. A title re-establishment survey is carried out by a licensed surveyor to physically define the legal boundaries of your property, and may be required for housing and fence construction.

These surveys will determine the physical location of your property boundary, which is necessary to know the precise location of your boundary when building a new fence, extending or building a house close to a boundary, or in preparation for subdividing your block.

Getting this right is crucial and could save you thousands of dollars in costly errors down the track!

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