We can provide stunningly detailed maps and models for your next project using drones.

Drones are a great tool, and our surveying expertise means you can be assured of the quality and accuracy of the results we produce. We achieve this through extensive quality checks and our thorough knowledge of photogrammetry.

We are the real deal – not just drone operators, but highly skilled surveyors that can plan out a job to get the precision you require and accuracy you can be confident about.

Some drone surveying projects that we can complete include:

Infrastructure, road & corridor mapping
If you have a project that needs accurate mapping for design, maintenance or inspection purposes, we have the solution for you. Not only can we provide an accurate service, we ensure it is quick & efficient and most importantly cost effective compared to traditional survey methods.

Have an area that is hard to reach? Keep your workers safe and send a drone. We can take high resolution photos and video of cliffs, sinkholes, unstable batters, tall towers, flooded areas and anywhere else that is dangerous or difficult to get to. We can also produce 3D models and monitor an area regularly to map movement over time.

Large-scale feature surveys & farm layout modelling
If you are needing a large area surveyed, mapped or modelled, we will be able to help. We have the ability to customise the resolution and detail to suit the requirement of your project. Once the data is gathered, we can also assist in the design and construction of the project.

Volume calculations
Volume calculations work hand in hand with drone surveying. The big drawcard with using a drone rather than another method is the ability to keep the area live which means there is no downtime to operations. We are set up to support your end of month / quarterly stock take with no impact or fuss.

Orthophotos / Orthomosiacs
Drones can provide much more detail and faster results than satellite imagery. Having up-to-date and detailed orthorectified photos can be essential to lots of operations. We can provide solutions easily imported into your GIS or mapping software. We can also target your desired resolution or file format and even produce orthomosaics to suit specialised coordinate systems.

3D infrastructure & building modelling
Our 3D infrastructure & building modelling capabilities allow us to support clients that need models & point clouds to assist with their operations. Maintenance and monitoring of projects whether they are earthworks, demolition, heritage buildings and infrastructure can all be covered by our team.


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Melbourne & Victoria