Q: What is a house setout?
A: A house setout is when a house design is marked out on site in a method that allows trades to come and begin constructing the house.

Q: What is your lead time?
A: Our lead time is generally 7 days, however, if a job is close by another then we can usually fit it in prior to that

Q: Can you quote this job for me?
A: Sure thing, if you would like to attach your plans to the contact section of our website we will get a quote back to you. Alternatively, you can email your plans through to: bookings@willissetouts.com.au.

Q: Do the boundaries need to be visible on site prior to completing the setout?
A: If the setout has been designed in relation to a boundary, then yes, they do

Q: What do you need from me to be able to do your setout?
A:We need the following:
· Working Drawings
· Feature Survey
· Boundary Re-establishment Survey
· Plan of Subdivision
· Purchase Order
If you do not have all of this, send through what you have, and we can see if we require any more information

Q: What areas do you work in?
A: All over Victoria. No job is too far. We have based ourselves East and West of Melbourne CBD, this allows us to cover all metro areas as well as the rest of the state

Q: How do you do your setout?
A: We complete our setouts using state of the art surveying equipment and surveying methods. This allows us to work on all sites no matter the terrain and still maintain millimetre accuracy. We will never mark out a house with a string line, they are good for laying bricks, not for setting out houses

Q: Does it affect you in the job is on a hill?
A: The terrain does not affect us at all. We can still complete the job with millimetre accuracy

Q: How accurate are your setout points?
A Our setouts are accurate to 0mm. We do not place a point if it is not perfect


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Melbourne & Victoria